A Parent’s Guide to Tongue-Tie

The information and resources in this article are not a substitute for professional advice. If you have concerns about your child, seek help and support from an appropriately qualified practitioner.   What is a tongue-tie? Most simply put, tongue-tie or Ankyloglossia, is a common condition present at birth that restricts the tongue’s ability to move […]

What is Feeding Therapy?

Mealtime meltdowns are not new to parents and caregivers, especially those with “picky” eaters. Feeding therapy may help increase a child’s variety of accepted foods, ability to participate in family meals, and decrease the family stress related to food. What is feeding therapy? There are two main goals to feeding therapy: Learn how to eat […]

Picky Eating

Selective eating, or “picky eating” can be very stressful for children unable to tolerate a wide variety of foods and for caregivers wanting to end the mealtime battles. If you have concerns about your child’s eating abilities, contact a speech-language pathologist (SLP) or talk to your pediatrician. A SLP is often included in the care […]

10 Tips for Helping a Picky Eater during the Holidays

Holidays can be a magical time with fun traditions we look forward to each year. When I think about it, almost all my own holiday traditions are centered around a shared meal and time spent together. One of my favorite things to do is swap recipes with the families I treat to keep my menu […]