Communication with Connection

A unique approach to speech therapy


Communication with Connection is a philosophy and practice centering the neurobehavioral approach, responsive feeding and parenting practices, and sustainable support for families. It was created by Christian to partner with caregivers and children, all working together toward common goals of social, emotional, cognitive, and communication development. 

In using traditional strategies, caregivers often said they felt lost in what to do to help their child. At Heart & Soul Speech, our unique approach of parent coaching and direct speech therapy services within your home and community will empower you with strategies, skills, and confidence. 

Our approach differs from traditional speech therapy methods, shifting the focus from the child and their skills to the supports needed in their environment for success. We work to understand why challenges are occurring and address the root cause. This practice offers caregivers with a new perspective on their child, giving them permission to parent with more empathy, patience, and curiosity. Through our work together, you will better understand your child’s brain and nervous system and have tools to meet their needs. 

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of connection as the catalyst for change. When we shift our focus to truly see the whole child, we change our interactions to celebrate who they are and know how to better support them. 

Our Core Values



Connection is the essence of our humanity. We even develop our brain within the context of our relationships. We will explore how to intentionally offer trust and felt-safety within your family. We are not able to learn and grow when we feel unsafe or dysregulated. Together we will practice co-regulation for emotional needs and encourage more meaningful communication.

Holistic Approach

Every child is an individual with a unique history and differing needs and priorities. In partnership with families, we seek to support a child’s needs through a parental paradigm shift and environmental accommodations. We do not change the child. We use a strengths-based and child-led approach to offer developmentally supportive opportunities in the natural environment.



When curiosity is present, control and fear do not lead change. We will work together to seek the root cause for behaviors, including our own. We believe in order to support children, we must be willing to reflect on and then adjust our own actions and behaviors. With practice, we can begin to realize and accept brain-based needs and have a plan to support them.

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