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  1. I hope it’s okay to add on.. 🙂

    The APA recommends waiting until around 6 months for solid food introduction. This is associated with lower rates of food allergies and child obesity. Although it’s exciting to introduce foods and you as parents are sleep deprived, waiting is worth it!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Hillary. We agree! We also support waiting until a child is showing interest in foods and is able to sustain head/trunk control and sit unsupported.

  2. I would like to add, although I am not an SLP, I started solids with my first two children at 5 months and my last child at 6 months. I switched this because of the change in medical advice. I have more feeding issues with my youngest child than I do with my first two children. My oldest and Youngest are on the spectrum and my middle child has SPD. So they all have issues with sensory. Feeding is more complicated than I ever realized.

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