Bilingual Facts: What parents should know

As a bilingual speech-language pathologist, I am honored to serve culturally and linguistically diverse families daily. Through my education and experiences, I have learned so much about bilingualism and the importance of celebrating all languages around the world. Nearly 25% of public school students now speak a language other than English at home across the […]

Speech & Language: What parents need to know

There’s so much information available to parents that it can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have concerns about your child. You may hear “children develop on their own time” or children “catch up” without therapy, but what does the research actually say? Here’s answered to some of the most common questions regarding speech and […]

10 Strategies to Support English Language Learners

10 Strategies to Support English-Language Learners in the Classroom I tell my teacher friends all the time they are often the givers of language. Of course, most children go to school with language skills. However, the school setting can provide excellent opportunities to engage children with new ways to learn language. Classrooms are full of […]