Routines-Why are they so important?

Routines for Children Today, I watched my two-year-old walk in from playing outside, remove his shoes, and immediately take them to the basket where I keep his shoes by the front door. Without me saying one word! All those times I gently reminded him of my desired routine actually became his own little routine he […]

Communicating with Baby: 0-12 months

I recently visited a friend with a newborn baby. As I sat and listened to his beautiful story of the first few weeks of his baby’s life, I remembered my first days as a first-time parent. The exuberant joy. The overflowing love. The exhaustion. The adrenaline. The anxiety. The awe. The feeling that you actually […]

Minimalism for Children with Special Needs

Minimalism – Why it’s great for kids (especially kids with special needs!) Minimalism. The KonMari Method. The Four Box Method. Feng Shui. Oprah’s Closet Hanger Method. I won’t lie; I’ve been purging like a crazy woman and loving it. I found twelve serving spoons that I’ve never seen in my life hidden in the back […]