The Importance of Emotional Competence

I look over at my student struggling with his homework. I hear a big sigh as he looks at the first problem. After the second problem, he throws his pencil down. When I ask if he would like help, he yells “this is stupid!” He crumples it into his backpack and refuses to talk about […]

Minimalism for Children with Special Needs

Minimalism – Why it’s great for kids (especially kids with special needs!) Minimalism. The KonMari Method. The Four Box Method. Feng Shui. Oprah’s Closet Hanger Method. I won’t lie; I’ve been purging like a crazy woman and loving it. I found twelve serving spoons that I’ve never seen in my life hidden in the back […]

Behavior as Communication – Part II

Responding to Behavior as Communication In part I, we learned how to increase our awareness and acceptance of behaviors, providing ways to connect with our children. If you missed it, read go back and read it first for a better understanding. Responding to behaviors as communication is where we begin to change our relationship with […]

Behavior as Communication – Part I

Accepting Behavior as Communication Behavior is communication. All actions-good or bad-offer information for us to use, just like a conversation would. We can change our relationships with our children and others just by accepting and responding to behavior as communication. Any of these behaviors sound familiar to you? The dog scratches at the door to […]