• Speech/Language Evaluation & Therapy

    Our licensed speech-language pathologists will evaluate the need for treatment with your goals in mind, including speech, language, fluency (stuttering), voice, cognition/social skills.

  • Feeding Evaluation & Therapy

    Our speech pathologists are specialized in dysphagia (swallowing disorder) and feeding aversions/picky eating. We work with high-risk infants and individuals with complex medical disorders.

  • Aural Habilitation/Rehab

    We evaluate and treat individuals with hearing loss, and those using hearing aids and cochlear implants. We work closely with ENTs and Audiologists to ensure a multidisciplinary approach.

  • Consultation & Training

    We also offer consultation to health care professionals, as well as caregiver and teacher trainings for those interested in sustainable coaching and using evidence-based strategies.

Our mission

Heart & Soul Speech is committed to empowering families with speech, language, or feeding goals by providing sustainable coaching and using evidence-based strategies in the most natural environment.

What Clients Say

  • Christian saw my son for 1.5 years for a severe articulation disorder. Even though he was in therapy for five years prior [to working with Christian], he never really made progress and continued to fall behind. In the time he worked with Christian, he overcame so many of his boundaries and actually graduated from therapy. I can't thank her enough; she changed my son's life.
    Melissa P.

    Melissa P.

    parent of child with articulation disorder

  • My daughter was born with hearing loss. She had cochlear implants. Christian was there from the beginning. She made our therapy easy and taught me what to do everyday to help my daughter to progress. She did therapy in both Spanish and English, because that was important to our family. She is an awesome therapist and became our great friend.
    Diana S.

    Diana S.

    parent of child with hearing loss

  • Our family has been so blessed by Heart & Soul Speech. Our daughter has struggled with being a “Picky Eater." Doctors told us she’d grow out of it, but the fear surrounding trying new foods turned into debilitating anxiety, resulting in her restricting to only certain foods of a specific color and texture. Christian has brought a sense of calmness and compassion to our family and our daughter. There’s a comfort that we all have with her, but our daughter especially. It’s as though she has been in our lives forever.
    Carrie K.

    Carrie K.

    parent of child with feeding disorder

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