What Our Clients Say

Heart & Soul Speech develops partnerships with our families and offers the highest quality services possible. We implement evidence-based research and sustainable strategies in every home. See what our clients have to say about us!

"Christian worked with my son for 1.5 years for a severe articulation disorder. Even though he was in therapy for five years prior [to working with her], he never really made progress and continued to fall behind. In the time he was working with Christian, he overcame so many of his boundaries and actually graduated from therapy. I can't thank her enough; she changed my son's life."

-Melissa P., mother of child with articulation disorder

"My daughter was born with hearing loss. She had cochlear implants. Christian was there from the beginning. She made our therapy easy and taught me what to do everyday to help my daughter progress. She did therapy in both Spanish and English, because that was important to our family. She is an awesome therapist and the best friend you could have."

-Diana S., parent of child with hearing loss

"Christian is an outstanding therapist who is highly skilled in feeding therapy assessment and treatment approaches! She is fun, caring, lovable, motivated, and comprehensive in her use of evidence-based approaches, resulting in a high quality of care and holistic approach with any client and family she comes in contact with!"

-Chancy H., occupational therapist

"The therapists at Heart & Soul Speech are so resourceful and such good therapists! Not only do they make sure my son is comfortable, but also make sure I’m comfortable as well. And they are punctual!”

-parent of child with speech services

“Christian coordinates and consults with OT (occupational therapists) in order to incorporate the child's sensory needs and necessary adaptations into her sessions. Not only is she a joy to work with, but parents speak highly of her ability to connect with their child.” - Beth B., OTR/L